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(Poem is in use by Everglades National Park)

 A vast wilderness of swamp and sunset

A million and a half acres, regularly wet
To walk in the everglades is to discover what you haven’t quite yet
Sawgrass marshes, rivers undercover
Creatures are stirring to a distant summer thunder
Curiosity at its finest, a natural world wonder
The boardwalk is a pathway to a land so untamed
“Keep your eyes peeled for gators,” a man says, like it’s a game
And I can’t help but scan the water for the local reptilian fame
Birds overhead dive in for a fish
But out they come with nothing, a ready, aim and miss
And they’ll try again until they meet their hunger’s wish
As the sun falls beneath the distant skyline
We take a last glance at the lily pads colored deep lime
To bid it goodnight, until the morning’s first chime

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